Jake Walsh, Head Gofor

Homeowners Rely on our Expertise

Does your to-do list sometimes seem to be a mile long? Sometimes you just need a second pair of hands to help you get all of your home or small business projects completed. Maybe you’d rather find a cost effective solution to doing it yourself. Or perhaps your project is just a little outside your comfort zone…

Let L’il Red Go-For be your partner, lending you both expertise and manpower. Let us help you enjoy life and not worry about the drudgery of your needed home repairs, errands, or yard work.

Our work is guaranteed, we promise to be prompt, clean, and we always strive to complete the work on time.

“Purchased a new mattress and need someone who takes great care in delivering it to your home? Jake is your man.”

We know what the stress  of continuous to-do lists and miscellaneous projects that never get done feels like. We are committed to helping people cross those things off their to-do lists, so that they can enjoy all the wonderful things they wish they had more time to do.

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