The Honey-do List Conundrum

Honey-do list

“Honey… could you do…”

The Honey-do List Conundrum… these are the words that strike real terror in the hearts of every man (and sometimes women, too). It’s the cursed honey-do list. And if you are a homeowner these “honey-do” lists can become quite daunting, in terms of expense but especially in terms of time management.

While there are dozens of productivity and shopping list apps you can download for your preferred device, the act of getting the work done requires some good old fashioned elbow grease and perhaps a few trips to the home improvement store. But seemingly these lists never seem to fully completed, do they?

Dr. Phil, the television personality, has an interesting theory on these lists:

When a project is done, you open yourself up to criticism. If you’ve got the “I’m not finished with it yet” excuse, you protect yourself. With the completion of any endeavor comes evaluation and judgment. What are you afraid of?

Is the big game on television and you don’t want to miss it?

Don’t you miss having the chance to just relax over the weekend? If you are tired of struggling to get that honey-do list done, we have a solution: hire a second pair of hands to help you. The right “assistant” can often bring expertise to a project you may be lacking and the work goes much faster when you have someone to talk to.

Or you can just “outsource” the whole project to someone else.

Of course, that is why we created Lil Red Go-for in the first place. We hate that honey-do list as much as you do so we decided to help people combat theirs and restore some sanity and relaxation time to their schedules. While we “go for this” and “go for that” you can take in a movie or watch that game. Or we can join forces and whittle down that list to a far less imposing amount of tasks. Plus we are cheaper than most handymen or contractors.

Ask us for a complimentary consultation. We’ll look over your honey-do list with you and discuss a time and action plan to fit your schedule.


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